My Dream Person

Notice how I put person, not guy or girl. I am not big on labels. If I end up with a guy cool, but you never know, I can always make Lana Parrilla fall in love with me then BAM soulmates for life. Any way, this is my ideal partner, and if you’re reading this please message me or comment on here.

  • Appearance.
    • Looks are secondary to me. I am 5 ft so anything shorter than that is a turn off, so I guess I have a height requirement. I am also a sucker for light eyes but once again I have no real preference.
  • Imagination.
    • Someone who doesn’t conform to societies ways.
    • Someone who thinks differently.
    • An artist of some sort, someone who paints, draws, writes, and loves to creates different things.
  • Considerate.
    • This “Me, Me, Me” attitude is annoying and a complete turn off.
    • A person who puts others before themselves is sexy.
    • Being mindful of others and their feelings is a huge plus.
  • Driven.
    • I cannot stand those who thinks the world owes them something.
    • Being lazy and complaining are a turn off.
    • Life is hard we all know it, but that doesn’t mean sitting on your ass expecting a handout from others.
    • So, I admire a hard worker like myself.
  • Humble.
    • Being able to admit they’re wrong.
    • Not filled with pride.
    • Not being cocky but confident but not to the point where you come off as an asshole.
    • Doesn’t brag to put others down.
  • Clever.
    • A little banter filled with sarcasm & wit is something I yearn for in a partner.
  • Smart.
    • Intelligent.
    • Educated.
      • I don’t care if you don’t have a PHD, but if you didn’t complete high school, it makes me think what type of job you have with out a high school diploma. So when I say educated, I mean having to at least graduate high school.
    • Some type of street smarts.
  • Silly.
    • Life is very short, so being with someone who can laugh off certain situations is a plus.
    • Sometimes we get so caught up in work & we forget to stop and enjoy life.
  • Honest.
    • This should be a given.
    • We all want honesty and not to be lied to.
    • Keep it real with me and I’ll keep it real with you, it’s that simple.
  • Committed.
    • I steer clear of flighty, flaky and fair-weather type of people.
    • It’s horrible when someone doesn’t keep their word and sticks around during the good times and bad.
  • Geek.
    • Manga
    • Comics
    • Cosplay
    • Video Games
    • Sci Fi Conventions
    • If you love any of the above things then I love you

Anyone in a happy relationship? Or have anything to add to my list? I think I covered everything though, but I still want to hear your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “My Dream Person

  1. Can I borrow your list? :p Actually, I only have one “requirement”: he needs to make me feel comfortable. Which, in a way, is impossible, so I’m doomed to end up miserable and alone. And that is fine, really. I’ll just get like 40 gerbils and learn to knit.

    Also, I have once copied Lana’s short haircut and have every intention of doing it again this week :’)


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