7 Celebrities People Hate But I Love

Kanye West- Hip- Hop Artist 


Why People Hate Him: This dude is beyond outspoken, from  “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” to snatching the mic out of Taylor Swifts hands at the MTV Video Music Awards, this dude has done everything to be a major douche bag. He constantly goes on twitter rants and thinks way too much of himself.

Why I Love Him: His first three albums, The College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation are orgasms to my ear. Through The Wire has to be my all time favorite song by him. I know his music doesn’t make up for his douche bag personality, but I really enjoy his music.

Lady Gaga – Singer & Actress


Why People Hate Her: A lot of people I know (like my mother for example) think she is just a rip off of Madonna and she lacks originality. People also bash her for swearing and dressing provocatively.

Why I Love Her: Although I don’t listen to her music too much, I really like Poker FaceBad Romance. She founded the Born This Way Foundation, which aims to inspire youth, and she is also an activist with LGBT rights. You can hate on her all you want, but she is truly an inspiration.

 Kristen Stewart – Actress


Why People Hate Her: People hate her for a valid reason. She can’t act. In every movie she is in, her “anger” is laughable and she is just so monotone. Also, lets not forget the cheating scandal with that director dude, which lead to Robert Patrinson’s little English heart breaking. She was branded a homewrecker. It’s never the guys fault though. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

Why I Love Her: She seems like that best friend who is a stoner and gives you good advice and random times. I think she is a cutie pie & she is dating Soko now. I always thought her relationship with Robert was a publicity stunt.

Christian Bale – Actor


Why People Hate Him: This recording came out and people were not happy. I remember one of my friends not wanting to see the last Batman movie he was in because of his rant.

Why I Love Him: Have you seen American Psycho? Also, if you hear the recording he’s just barking on the dude. It’s not like hes calling him any politically incorrect names. I thought the recording was funny. Finally, he is my second favorite Batman after Michael Keaton.

Miley Cyrus – Singer & Actress


Why People Hate Her: They think she’s an attention whore. The entire world almost fucking stopped when she twerked on Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. I agree with everyone that said the performance was a wreck, but the hate she gets is annoying.

Why I Love Her: I can’t count how many charities Miley Cyrus has been involved. Elton John AIDS Foundation, Kids Wish Network, Janie’s Fund,Musicians on Call, NYCLASS, and a bunch more (thanks google). Sure her music videos and style is raunchier compared to her Disney days but she isn’t 13 anymore.

The Kardashian’s – Reality Television Stars & Socialites


Why People Hate Them: I mean is this part necessary? We all know why people hate them, although, sometimes I think its just jealously. Kim can sneeze the wrong way and the internet gets all butt hurt.

Why I Love Them: It’s awesome to be famous for doing essentially nothing. Sure some model, and sing? Right? Anywho. Kim’s sex tape put them on the map because before that, they weren’t known for much.

John Travolta – Actor 


Why People Hate Him: Two words. One Person. Adele Dazeem.

Why I Love Him: Two words. One Person. Adele Dazeem. I swear, when I am sad, and feeling low, I just watch this clip over and over.

Hope you guys liked that last picture of John Travolta. If you guys have any celebs you love and people hate, let me know!



2 thoughts on “7 Celebrities People Hate But I Love

  1. Hate is too strong a word for me. I don’t really hate them.. I just don’t like them.. like Kanye West, Christian Bale, all the Kardasians, and Kristin Stewart. But in your list, I like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and John Travolta. Actually I love John Travolta. lol
    Regards, Rosie


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