Music — Daily Prompt #1

WOW 2 posts in the same day. It must be a slow day at work, haha, I joke. I have so much work. This is my first response to a Daily Post. I was clicking around and somewhat all the posts are the same. Long and semi sad posts about music. I think almost everyone likes music, so I am not going to go the route that everyone else has gone. Instead I am going to list 10 songs that get me in my feels. I hope you enjoy.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters 

This song is a classic and came out originally in the 30’s. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it because it reminds me my first relationship and how I was blinded by bullshit. Everybody that I have talked to, believe that this song is about true love and its supposed to be a happy song. I find this song to be a bit sad. The first part is about being madly in love of course, however the second part is about how being madly in love can lead to not thinking rationally and not seeing the bullshit. When smoke gets into your eyes, you start to tear up, the singer is blinded by love, when that is gone he starts crying, he obviously didn’t see the bullshit when he was in a relationship. Many can relate to this song, we all have been in a relationship where we were head over heels in love with the other person and the other person may not be feeling the same way.

Shut Up by Blink-182

Ode to my mother. We all go through this teen angst and listening to Blink 182 as an “angry, confused, and complex” teen is a rite of passage. I love Blink-182, I have all of their albums, two vinyls, a music video DVD, and all of their songs are on my computer. The song is basically telling someone to fuck off, but the way the lyrics are recited, it could apply to a mother. So this song reminds me of my toxic relationship with my mother and how I desperately want to catch a flight to somewhere that isn’t here.


I love all of the songs on Chvrches’ album. This song is about seeking revenge and it always gets my blood going. We all have someone in our life who did us so dirty that all we want is for them to get hit with a ton of bricks. It is probably about a bad break up, but this can song can be about anybody fucking you over. Like this little verse in the song, “Who are you to tell me how, To keep myself afloat, I tread the water all the while, You stuck in the knife, That you held at my back.” It’s like, damn man, you’re going to have the balls to give me some type of advise on my life, and yet all the while stabbing me in the back? We all have a person like that, want’s to throw there two cents in something and at the same time, they are fucking you over. This happened to me plenty of times. I love this song.

San Fernando Rose by Killola

This song reminds me of everything I regret. How you should have just left something alone. It reminds me of that time I got my ass beat for smoking weed in my room, how Cliff’s dad crashed into my car because he was on drugs, and how I was an idiot for dating Rich for those 3 months. It also makes me realize how much I don’t like people and why I bother with them.

Buzzcut Season by Lorde

This songs reminds me that sometimes life sucks and sometimes you need to day dream a little (in my case a lot) to get in a place where everything is good. I think it’s about shielding yourself and that’s what I do. I day dream to escape reality and I am sarcastic to the point where people are offended by me and would rather not talk to me. It’s the way I shield myself from people and getting hurt. This song is one of my favorites on Lorde’s amazing album.

Hold Tight! by  Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich were never big in the U.S and I don’t understand why, their songs were great. Hold Tight, makes me think of having to prove yourself to someone because you don’t feel good enough. That happens in life, you have a crush on a guy or a girl and then you try to prove why you’re better than blonde hair Julie or quarterback Ray. It takes me back to 2005 when 12 year old me had a crush on this cute boy, I lost friends over this dude, and now 11 years later I find out that the dude was gay. If only I knew this information now. But I digress, check out this video of the band performing the song, its awesome, and its a bit trippy.

1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Are you not surprised this song is on my list? Any music list should have this song. It reminds me of my teenage years, how I dealt with my problems, and how little stupid things always seemed catastrophic. Being a teenager means hating your parents, doing stupid shit, falling in love, and not wanting to grow up. The fucked up part is, we do grow up. One minute we are smoking weed in the backyard and the next we are getting up every morning going to a job we hate 99% of the time, and our dreams somehow along the way have been crushed. Songs like this always have me reevaluating my life. I am 23 years old and although I am no longer 14 there are days I wish I was. I would do everything so different.

You Know What I Mean by Cults

So, apparently this song is about an edgy romance, but I thought it was about a girl who just makes one bad choice after another, and expects nothing but the worst from people. The beat and what not, reminds me of a classic song from the 60’s but the lyrics are dark. It gets me thinking of my life. I wonder what I do wrong that people (like my mother) treat me like garbage. When you consonantly get treated badly you wonder if its you or if its all in your head and you’re delusional. When I hear this song, I get emotional.

VCR by The xx

This song makes me wish I had someone in my life that understands me inside and out. Someone who knows how you’re feeling without asking, “What’s wrong?”. This song is about a couple in a pretty rad relationship that I envy and long for. It’s that relationship where the two of you are  best friends and the rest of the world doesn’t matter. We all want someone who means a lot to us and vise versa. There are 7 billion people out there on this earth and its hard to find the one who fits you. We all want the peanut butter to our jelly, our Pam to our Martin, the pepperoni to your pizza, the – you get my drift.

Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

Who doesn’t love R.E.M? I mean I love me some R.E.M. I think this is about questioning your sexuality, watching what you say to not out yourself, nervous that someone is going to figure it out and then in the end, your dreaming if you think that you’re straight. In addition to that, you’re in love with someone who wouldn’t give you the time of day, because they are not gay. Since the lead singer is, from what I hear gay, I went with that route of what the song means because it fit so well with what I went through with a girl. I had a HUGE crush on her when I was in high school and I felt so hurt when she “rejected me” she didn’t really reject me, but I still felt unwanted by her. It left me confused and constantly question my sexuality.

My interpretations of the songs may be way off but when I hear these songs I get all these all feels and emotions (which are mostly sad / angry ones… whoops). Also, I got my featured image here. So do you have any songs that get you in your feels? Any of the ones on my list that you like? I wanna know!