Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with my mother and sister. I wrote this yesterday but due to all the alcohol consumption and the time I got home, I never got a chance to post it. Also, I apologize for the spelling errors.

New York

A beautiful Saturday morning in shitty ass Long Island, only to be disturbed by my mothers yelling and carrying on. If you didn’t know, she’s been driving my car because for the last year hers has been broken, and it’s been hell. I swear by the time I am 30 I am going to have a severe phobia of cars. Every time I get into MY car that I PAY FOR it’s always a problem. 

We all get our hair done and now we are heading to Massachusetts which is about a 3 to 4 hour drive depending on the traffic and she has to drive meaning more yelling and nasty attitudes will be forming.

We get a bite to eat at nasty DQ and my burger is just a mess and after her staring at me and saying “Do you need help? You’re going to make a mess. I would have had the sandwich wrapped nicely.” At this point I am tired of the nagging and the staring so I chuck my fucking sandwich in the bag and I’m just over it.

I fall asleep briefly because my mother is talking to her monotone boyfriend and I don’t want to hear him and when she talks to him she puts on this sickly baby voice, like imagine a two year old with a cold or something. That’s what she sounds like when she speaks to him.


Okay briefly is an under statement, I slept for about an hour. When I woke up we were in Connecticut. My mother bought these MJ Tribute tickets when she was in Vegas through groupon, she sold them on Craigslist, and was trying to do this transaction while driving. She told me to email the person who wanted the tickets, call groupon, check her pay pal. She was huffing and puffing throughout the entire thing because I don’t know the ins and outs of her phone and I wasn’t doing it fast enough. She gets her money though, and the guy got his tickets, so I guess it ended well.

We get to a gas station and she’s having a difficultly swiping her card apparently, I didn’t see that though. I call for her to see if she wants something and she flips a shit.


“Just want to know if you want something from the store.”

This psychotic bitch then smiles and says no thanks. She gets gas and my mood at this point is just indifferent and not caring. I truly don’t care about anybody in this family. I am just ignoring her because she’s just nasty to me for no reason.

Now she’s trying to make small talk but I have zero interest in that. I just want to be left alone and try to make it to Springfield. She turns to me and says, “Are you good? You seem like you have an attitude? You seem so antsy. Are you tired?”

If I was a nut case, well I am already nuts, if I was nuttier then most, and if I was a disrespectful prick I would have threw a book at her. But I didn’t, don’t worry. Instead I said I am fine. Why would I want to talk to somebody who spent the last hour or two yelling at me, taking their frustration on me, and just being an ass to me, for no reason?


We go to Stop and Shop, I can’t read my mother and her moods, so I don’t bother to get anything (I’m lying by the way) and my sister has to get food because she’s allergic to nuts, gluten and soy.

As we are checking out my sister is mumbling to me that my mother needs to find her license and that a passport isn’t going to cut it. I say nothing, as I said, I don’t know her moods so I don’t want to deal with any more backlash.

We get into the car and my mother makes an announcement. “I don’t want to hear about how my bag is messy, how I can’t find anything nor how I am scattered brain. For 23 years nobody has helped me with anything. I am the only one to make sure you guys are okay,” she rambles some more but I don’t care, she treats us like a burden and then is upset when we aren’t chipper finally she continues with, “trust me, the last thing I want to do is depend on you and use your car. Nobody in my family has my back.”

So we are about 20 minutes away from my aunts house. We are visiting her because she’s moving back to Puerto Rico. My mood is just shot right now. I have no interest in this little get together, I just want to go home and put my laundry away. On some level I understand my mom being upset about ending up a single mother, but taking it out on my sister and I is uncalled for. We don’t do drugs, we don’t roam the night, we don’t do anything extreme. So there is no point in even doing an update on the return. She’s going to be pissed off at me for not socializing at my aunts house. Once I get in these moods it’s hard for me to break out of them and be normal.

Welp, we are at my aunts house. I threw a coloring book on top of the beer back at the store, I didn’t think she would buy it. I put it there jokingly to make my sister laugh. At least I have something to color.

I bought my camera to take pictures but I am leaving it in the car. I am not in the mood to be fake happy and what not.

Copyright by me because this is my photo taken with my iPhone 6S plus


At my aunts house I drank half of those Seagram’s, smoked cigarettes, and enjoyed some vodka with pineapple juice. I have came to the conclusion that I cannot deal with my mother sober. I have to be highly intoxicated. When I was in high school I smoked weed and took ecstasy a few times. But my sophomore – senior year in high school was a blur.

The drive back home was normal. I was drunk.

I am just counting down the days until she gets her car back.

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!

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