I know I am a nasty bitch, I have been told it so many times I firmly believe its true. But, as the Queen states, “I always believe that evil isn’t born. It’s made.” I believe if my mother wasn’t a cunt face I would have turned out a bit nicer, and wouldn’t have a ice box filled with blackness where my heart is.


She is just so rude and nasty for no reason, I wonder where it went wrong in her childhood for her to turn out like this. My grandparents seem like a nice couple, where did they go wrong?  I don’t understand, my grandmothers mother passed away when she was two and she was raised by a stepmother who was cruel. Is that where the cycle started? I always try to justify my mothers antics and her nastiness but its hard to always come up with excuses.

Today she has a stick up her ass because she’s harassing me about a check to cut for a coworker and I said, I’ll work on it, but not right now because I am busy (not really but I hate when she talks to me) and she starts screaming that she didn’t ask me if I’ll work on it now, and just carries on for no reason.


I don’t know how I am supposed to survive the next few hours let alone another week. I think I need to be put back on my medication because I cannot deal with her anymore, I try to avoid her when I am not at work and all she does is text me and complain.

Then after she’s nasty to me, she wants to be nice. Like, that doesn’t work. You can’t yell and belittle somebody, then two seconds later want to play nice.


Wish me luck guys and I hope everyone has a better Monday than me.