Am I a SwanQueen shipper? Yes. I also ship Mulan with Marian (I read a fan fiction once…. don’t ask), Red with Belle, and at times Red with Regina (also due to a fan fiction) So I mean, why would they put together Red & Dorothy? Where the fuck did she come from? I know she’s from Kansas… but seriously.. Where the fuck did she come from?

I wish I could find my true love in less than an hour. I can barely find an outfit in that time. The entire relationship was rushed and made zero sense. It’s like the writers said, “You want gay? Here’s some gay!” It’s like we see two characters who we will probably never see again make out for 5 seconds.

So am I bitter that Swan Queen, WarriorMaiden, RedQueen & RedBeauty didn’t happen? Yes. Because I don’t like Kansas Wolf (not sure if its an official ship name) how can I like a couple that only had 22 MINUTES OF FUCKING SCREEN TIME.

I have a weakness for lady kisses sure, but I mean I am not thrilled with the Red & Dorothy relationship. It was just added so people can stop complaining about SQ, however, if you search the tags of Tumblr & the hashtags of twitter, SQ shippers are not impressed. Oh well, back to the fan fiction I go.


Side note: I have been reading comments of people hating the show now, that its not a “family show” and how their kids were watching, blah blah. So you condone murder? Forced marriage? Rape? Abuse? However two chicks kissing is a taboo? People are cringe worthy at times, that’s why I don’t like them.