New year means new me. Yeah, I am totally kidding. I never do new year’s resolutions because by February people give up and continue with their lives. However there are some things I want to stay in 2015 and not trickle into 2016:

  1. My debt
    I know its coming with me anyway but it would be nice if it stayed in 2015, hell it should have stayed in 2012.
  2. My deadbeat fathers
    They need to stay in 2015 and not follow me.
  3. Myspace
    I heard its still up and running. Why? Nobody uses it anymore.
  4. Toxic Fandoms
    I ship SwanQueen to the T, but man does the Once Upon A Time fandom have serious issues.
  5. Smoking
    So far I haven’t had a cigg since Christmas Eve. I do want one but so far its been 6 days so I am doing good.
  6. Stupid People
    Between my mothers boyfriend and my “friends” people have been aggravating me and they need to stay in 2015

I cannot wait until this year is over, anyone else?