What Pissed Me Off This Week – November Edition


My boss trying his hardest to pile work on us so that we have to come in Friday haha no. I refused to work Thanksgiving and the day after.



My coworker arguing with her mother in what ever language she speaks. Nobody wants to hear that. Keep your home issues at home, bringing that drama to work makes you look really unprofessional. It also doesn’t help that when she is distracted as much as she is, it messes the flow up of everything when she messes up a shipment.



My mother bitching about getting to work early haha sure. My boss asking every 17 seconds if we are still good to not come in on Friday. I am not coming in on Friday. I do not care.



My father getting drunk and cursing out my aunt who has cancer. I swear he can be so ignorant. I felt so bad for my aunt, I laughed out of nervousness but his remarks weren’t funny.



My “best friend” who professed his love for me more than once, broke up with his girlfriend, begged me to be with him, played with my emotions only to get back together with his girlfriend. I hate him so much right now. My goals for December is to get over him because I don’t need a toxic person like that in my life.



My mothers boyfriend eye balling me because he is a lonely fuck face. Seriously, his vacation needs to end I am so tired of seeing him every single fucking day when I come home from work or school.



OUAT having a shitty episode riddled with Hook. Seriously I am so anti hook its not even funny.


So that was my week. I added two additional days of bullshit because I am a gentle loving soul and love you all. So enjoy and also let me know what pissed you off this week!




My mother yelling about something as usual I forget at times what its about. I mean she is such an angry person for no reason.



My mother yelling in the morning because I am not chipper than later at work because I don’t eat dinner every night and how her boyfriend isn’t going to cook for me. I missed the part where I am supposed to give two fucks.



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