5. The Workplace:

Your job may be at jeopardy (Yes, your job. The one you probably despise anyway). Employers nowadays just punch in your email address into google and out come pouring your secrets. So, be careful what you post, because you might not get hired, and you can even be fired based on what is posted on the internet.

4. The Fappining:

Naked photo leaks 2k15. I never send nudes, nor do I post anything racy on instagram or facebook. But for the other people that do, god bless. There are websites created for the soul purpose of exposing and exploiting people. So if you and your ex break up can you really trust that he wont leak the naked photos you send him?

3. Nothing Is Safe:

Hackers getting into your social media, stealing your credit cards, and identity. Its scary as fuck. Imagine waking up with all your money gone.

2. Society Is Getting Dumber:

Social skills are diminishing. People do not know how to talk anymore, hell they don’t even know how to spell properly anymore. People have become so dull, they spend all their time on the internet, and not out living their lives.

1. Who Are You Speaking To?:

The anonymity could be a bad thing. In actuality nothing on the internet is ever private nor anonymous. So, you really don’t know who you’re talking to if you meet a person in a chat room or a dating app. You could be chatting with a serial killer and not even know it.

So to all the internet addicts out there, how do you feel?