Now don’t get me wrong people I love the holiday, I think it is the best ever. Yes, I am 22 years old, and YES, I go trick or treating. I’ve never been anything sexy though all my costumes have been bloody or gore. This year though I am going as a huntress and I am VERY happy with my costume choice. I just need a bow and arrow! Any who here is my rant on reasons why I hate Halloween.

  • Pranksters
    • People think it’s okay to scare you. Seriously? Don’t chase me down the street with a knife or a chainsaw. I will probably call the cops.

  • Vandalism
    • Kids who like to egg houses or something obnoxious like that. I was never one of those kids who run around destroying property on Halloween.

  • Ageism
    • I get looked at weird when I go Trick or treating. Sometimes people won’t even give me candy, like I know you have candy! Put some in my bag and let me continue on my day. I know I am 22, I am an adult who pays bills. LET ME LIVE. Don’t tell me that I am too old for Halloween, because I can assure you I will be 80 years old still trick or treating.

  • Rudeness
    • Those unruly children who beat and kick your door down for candy. Seriously? Stop it. Wait patiently. Also, the kids who don’t say trick or treat. Sorry, if you just hold out your bag, and you are of an appropriate age where you can speak, I will not give you candy.

  • Pumpkins
    • Pumpkin pizza, pumpkin socks, pumpkin toothpaste, pumpkin tampons, and just too much fucking pumpkins for my liking. I like to pick em and carve em. That’s pretty much it.

Rant done. Let me know what you guys think about Halloween!