6 Types Of Gamers

As a gamer I have come across these types of gamers. Guys and girls alike all fall into these categories. I post my PS4 handle a lot on reddit and tumblr because I am always looking for people to play with. 98% of my requests are because I am female and guys want to have a female on their friend list. Why is this? I have no idea, I don’t posses any magical abilities, nor can I really play that much since I am busy. Here is my list!

The Attention Seeker

Its the girl who posts pictures of herself half naked with a controller or the guy who posts a pictures of himself shirtless with the controller in his pants or half in his pants. They prey on the awkward weirdos, you know because getting a job was hard.

The Fuckboy/girl

The fuckboy bashes girls who play video games, because they cannot get laid in real life. They treat girls who game as not humans, they also troll the adults who play video games. The fuckgirl doesn’t like other girls who game and they always want to start drama.

The Elementary/ Middle / High Schooler

Mostly fuckboys/girls & attention seekers. However some are actually good gamers with an unfortunate curfew and at times they leave a game in the middle of it.

The Awkward Weirdo

Normally games with the Fuckboy/girl and will send money to the attention whore. Has 0 social skills at all.

The Try Hard

Is similar to the fuckboy/girl. If playing a level based type of game they wont play if you’re a lower level and rage quit when leaving. When they do lose they blame the connection, the game, their controller, god, the river, the trees, and pretty much everything but the fact that they utterly suck.

The Adult

RARE TO GAME WITH! Normal men and women (like myself) who play video games, that don’t bash each other or send death threats. Sure we have our try hard moments but not to the full try hard degree. We are casual players, sure we try our best, but we don’t go all hulk smash when we lose a game.

Found these images on google. Also, let me know if you agree with my mini list!


7 thoughts on “6 Types Of Gamers

  1. HAHA this is great. I am completely the adult gamer. I haven’t cursed anyone out before but, I do occasionally swear at how bad I am doing haha I have managed to find a few of the elusive adult gamers to befriend.


      1. Ohh what were you playing? I suck at Destiny, I am lucky if I get one kill. When I play call of duty (unless its zombies, I kick ass at zombies) I can get anywhere between 8-12 kills but my deaths are between 33-40 lol


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