The best sign ever. Duh. Seriously I found all this information searching tumblr tags and I came up with this huge list. Enjoy if you’re an Aries.

Aries as a…


Black tail shimmering red and orange, like burning coals. Can withstand great heat and lives near volcanic isles or underwater volcanoes.


Rainforest fairy, red hair, green eyes and wings, loves the hotter months, dress made out of tropical plants and flowers, dark green glow, has the power to fly long distances.


Red – Harsh like fire, associated with anger, harsh emotions, and brutality. Large amounts of energy and very heated as a person.

Celtic Goddess

Flidais – goddess of the woodlands and wild things. she is a shapeshifter and is associated with protection and wild animals.


Growls at every dog that walks by but runs when the dog acknowledges it.


The mom that runs a carpool business.


Loud, enthusiastic teacher who never sits down.


Fresh rain. After you’ve been and gone, the smell of nature is hung in the air. You water, give, and leave. You’re considerate.

An Old Lady

Old lady who yells at the cashier because prices on fiber-enriched oatmeal have gone up.

An Unexplainable Emotions

Kuebiko – A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.

An Alien

Strong, fierce aliens with skin in various shades of red. They live on a desert planet in large adobe castles with their extended family clan. Known to be very protective, these aliens often battle other clans who threaten the safety of their families and are skilled warriors. However, they are very generous and family oriented during times of peace.

An Angel

Gabriel, Angelic Messenger – will grant wisdom for interpreting dreams.

An Animal

Hawk – symbolic of spirits, focus, power, truth, and physical strength.

Disney Character

Maleficent –  Aries can see magic in much of the world and that includes in the magic in the people they care for. A betrayal of wrong doing will likely be met with rash decisions, wrath and brief hatred, yet they can never let this live on too long. Maybe this is how they preserve their child-like soul and wonder. Maybe they simply cast it away.


Hemlock Water Dropwart – every part of this plant is poisonous and the consumption of any part will cause death within hours.


Located extremely close to the equator and bordering several active volcanoes, Arian people are known for their advanced warfare techniques and exuberance in the destruction of their foes. This does not mean, however, that they don’t have an innate softness. They have a very equal society and the fruits of war are always distributed evenly throughout the kingdom. Competition is a dominant element, but not without generosity or passion. Their people value honesty and fierceness, and have the uncanny quality of almost looking lit from within. Each citizen is fiercely independent, but this does not inhibit their ability to create long lasting allies of foreign nations. They tend to have bright teeth and a strong stature.


What an Aries won’t tell you

They’re afraid the people they love will get sick of them. Aries people will try to make themselves exactly what the world is looking for and get disappointed in themselves when they can’t add up to societies standards. They will tell themselves that is doesn’t matter, but love is a huge chunk of who they are and what they need. Aries manage to be hostile sometimes, yet also incredibly warm, where you understand they are displaying a warrior front to back away anyone who means harm. They are not ones to stand down when it comes to confrontation, yet are not malicious in their arguments, and would much rather get it out in the air than hold it inside and let it eat them up. Maybe this is how they retain their childlike spirit, they simply cast away the darkness.

Why we suck

Aries act all high and mighty but really all they do is make people feel bad and upset yourself.

Source: tumblr aries tag