Will It Ever Go Away?

  • I can never walk over a bridge because I think it is going to collapse and well there goes the end of me.
  • Whenever I copy and paste something I hit crtl + c at least 5x really fast.
  • I shake shampoo, or anything with a liquid inside.
  • I’m afraid to go to the bank and withdraw cash, I think by doing so I will get robbed.
  • I read an email more than 5 times before I send it out.
  • When I send an e-mail I always have to go into the Sent Items and re-read the message I just sent, just to reassure myself that my mind didn’t play tricks on me, and the email is perfect.
  • When on a plane I carry a rosary and I say a Hail Mary and Our Father every hour.
  • When in any type of place where I have to sit, I always sit next to the exit.
  • When parking at a parking lot I always park my car in the back where there aren’t any cars.
  • I don’t cross train tracks because I’m afraid my shoe laces or foot will get stuck between the tracks and then I’ll be hit by a train.

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