Monday 9/28

Mondays in general piss me off. For most people, it is the beginning of the workweek. Just knowing that I have to be at work for the next 70 hours this week, just get me upset. Plus I work with my mother so then, there is that. I ended up staying an extra 3 hours late at work, since my night class starts at 6 pm.

Tuesday 9/29

$501.01 in my tuition was due. I pay it in three installments. I am grateful that I can afford to go to a community college but gosh sometimes I wish I got financial aid. I had a math test that I was falling asleep in but I passed with an 88 so I can’t complain.

Wednesday 9/30

Hump day bitches! My night class was canceled so I spent 4 pm through 10 pm at the library studying and re writing my notes. Today was a good day, minus my boss who was ranting and raving about “running” a business. He was mad that I didn’t bill out 3 things, I did that because I was waiting on the truckers bill to come in to make sure it was okay to pay. I don’t want to charge a customer one thing and then the trucker charges us an arm and a leg. So his little tyrant aggravated me.

Thursday 10/1

My boss asked me why I vape. My mother complained about my messy car, when she could easily get hers fixed, and leave me alone.

Friday (Today) 10/2

My boss trying to joke around with me. You don’t get to be a dick all week then try to be my friend. No.