Things I struggle with: Goals

A majority of my graduating class already completed their 4 years of college and I am working full time while still paying my way through community college. I didn’t go to college right away because financially I could not afford it and since my mothers salary is considered too high I did not receive any financial aid. I find myself constantly comparing to my peers but I need to learn that I have already accomplished a lot. I need to work better on setting clear goals that are obtainable and focus on short term goals. I need to stop comparing myself to others.

Things I have accomplished:

  • Employment history: I have always had a job since I was 17 and never had a gap in not being employed. I have worked at a collections agency for a year, childcare which was 2 years. and now I work in imports and this April will make it 3 years.
  • I have my own car and insurance in my name.
  • I am a few credits away from my associates.

Short Term goals (4 months)

  • Have at least 1/4 of my debt paid off.
  • Attend at least 1 club on campus.

Long Term Goals (2-3 years)

  • Have all my debt paid off.
  • Finished with my bachelors in Psychology.
  • Preparing myself to move back to Florida OR enrolling in a Masters Program for Mental Health.

I need to focus on my short term goals because what I have noticed is that if I continue to harp over my long term goals then I get frustrated and I compare myself to others. I have to learn how to fully embrace all I have accomplished and will accomplish in the near future. I should not be in a rush and enjoy what I am doing. Setting goals and sticking to them is hard for me but I need to work on it.


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