If you like Hook then do not read! I do not like him and this post makes that very clear.

Captain Killian “Hook” Jones a.k.a One Handed Prick

Slimeball. I don’t trust him and I do not get what Emma is doing with him. I’ve read somewhere that he is the definition of a motherfucker. He slept with Cora, he slept with Mila, and now he’s shacking up with Emma. This guy just has a thing for moms. He needs to get on his boat and sail away. He ruins lives, go ask Ursela if you don’t believe me.

Blue Fairy a.k.a Sneaky 

She always looks like she’s up to something. There is something about her that I don’t trust. I think she is more powerful then she is letting on and I swear she looks like she is plotting something. Idk but she needs to go, one site states that she is a control freak and I agree.

Princess Cora Mills / Miller’s Daughter / Queen of Hearts a.k.a “A” from PLL

And Mother of The Year goes to!!! This lady a boss, the way she ruined peoples lives because she got tripped by Ava at a party delivering flour. Everything out of her mouth is utter bullshit and she has very blatant sociopath serial killer tenancies. She is the reason why Regina became the evil Queen. I am glad however that at the very end while she was dying she finally admitted that with her heart she would have loved Regina the way she is. But honestly, knowing Cora how true was that?

Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin / Beast / Crocodile a.k.a Creep 

This 90 year old creep is annoying and needs to go. He like Cora, ruins people’s lives. He does not deserve Belle at all. He was a coward before and after he became the Dark One.  Seeing him makes me sick because all he does is try to manipulate somebody.

Neal Cassidy / Baelfire a.k.a Storybrooke’s First Baby Daddy

He was a nuisance. I felt bad for him though. His mother left him for a one handed prick and his father is an evil scumbag who was shaking with a woman younger than him. I swear with the way his luck was I thought he was going to explode on the show. He always seemed so mellow, he must had a nice stash of pot somewhere.

Robin Hood a.k.a Zelena’s baby Daddy

I like him and Regina together but the guy is a walking contradiction. He won’t leave Marian for her but has no problem sleeping with Regina. He also has no problem sleeping with Marian once he leaves Storybrooke. He got Zelena pregnant. I don’t know man, hes a good guy I guess but he has all these fucking issues and baggage. Regina deserves someone who doesn’t have all these problems.

 Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West a.k.a Yoko 

I sympathized with Zelena early on. My biological father wasn’t in my life and raised my younger sister so I get the feeling of abandonment and not feeling good enough. But Zelena really needs to get the fuck over it, Cora was a horrible mom and she was better off. Her low self esteem and insecurities have led her down a path of destruction. She needs to go back to OZ and reevaluate her life.

Lacey French / Belle a.k.a Clueless

I swear Rumple uses her to validate his own self worth. Her love is what keeps him alive in my opinion. I think she needs a spa getaway she is somehow always used as a pawn when it comes to Rumple. I swear she is oblivious to the world around her.

Ruby Lucas / Red Riding Hood/Wolf a.k.a Female Jacob Black

I swear she is my girl crush. I don’t even know what her deal was but they need her back on the show. Nah on a serious note, we need more Ruby in the show. There’s nothing cooler than a chick that can turn into a wolf and do some serious damage. The fact that she killed her true love was definitely sad and I wish her character would come back.

David Nolan / Pauper / Prince Charming a.k.a Mr. Magoo

If Snow wanted to burn a village I swear David would justify it. He is the most passive aggressive husband I have ever met. I don’t find him very charming, however, I do enjoy his father daughter moments with Emma. And come on, he is hot.

Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White a.k.a Really bro?

I love you Snow, I really do but sometimes you do things that piss me off. I know that you are trying your best, or at least think you’re trying your best but not really. She made Maleficent lose her baby, killed Cora, and yet the darkness in her heart just went away? I love Snow because she tries but sometimes she can be arrogant.

Maleficent a.k.a Dragon Bitch


She needs more screen time. I love her interaction with Regina and I want more of her backstory on how she became a villian. I think the reason why I put Maleficent so high on the list is because I love Kristin Bauer van Straten. I also loved her as Pam in True Blood.

Henry Mills a.k.a Prince Of Character Development 

This kid used to annoy me I swear season 1 and some of season 2 was hard to watch because Henry was a spoiled brat. He grew on me though and once his voice changed I was able to take him more seriously. He has his own unique relationship with each character.

Emma Swan a.k.a Confused Carly

Sometimes I forget that Emma is royalty and I wish we could see how she would have been if Regina never had cast the curse. I like her struggle with magic, her parents, and now darkness. I hope she can over come it before anything drastic happens. I also like her relationship with Henry and Lilly. I swear those two are awesome.

Regina Mills / Evil Queen a.k.a Yasss

Everybody blames her for everything. I swear she is like the scapegoat. But if she did not do what she did there would be no Henry. Every action has a reaction. Yeah she murdered people. I still love her. The sass, the way she dresses, and everything she does it’s always elegant. Her OCD is bad though, she needs to make amends with Mary Margret already. I swear I ship her with every female cast member because I have a warped mind.

I hope nobody took this too seriously and enjoyed the read 🙂 The only serious thing about this post is my love for Lana. She is epic.