Reasons Why I Am Not Ladylike

  • I hate make-up, I don’t know how to put it on, and if I did I probably wouldn’t wear it because it looks like it messes up your skin.
  • I bite my nails to the cuticles and rarely do them.
  • I would rather play video games than go out to a club
  • I rarely wear any jewelry.
  • I shop for sneakers not heels. I only own like about 3 go out shoes, and they aren’t really high heeled. The rest are Nike, Converse, Vans and the occasional pair of Jordan’s.

  • My handwriting atrocious.
  • I’m not sappy or the emotional type.
  • I curse like a sailor.
  • I eat a lot of junk food.
  • I am way too honest and don’t sugarcoat things.
  • Cleaning is the most horrible way to past time.
  • I couldn’t be a housewife or a stay at home mom. I enjoy working.
  • I cannot do any cool styles to my hair, all I do is brush it.
  • I do not wear things sparkly or shiny.
  • The last time I wore a dress was for my Sweet 16.

  • I was a tom boy growing up.
    • I didn’t play with barbies or anything that was girly.
    • I had “boy toys” Action figures, army men, model airplanes, power rangers.
    • I loved WWF when I was a kid and my 7th Birthday I had a cake with The Rock on it and the WWF café when it used to be in Manhattan. (Remember that place?!? I went 2x every year until it closed back in 2003)

  • I snore so loud it sounds like a man chopping wood.
  • I have not been dreaming of my wedding since I was a little girl.
    • Being married or single doesn’t define me as a person nor does it hinder the way I feel about myself. If I find the right person then I would consider it.
  • I buy fashion magazines for the sole purpose of using them for my scrapbooking.
  • I can’t cook or bake like most women can.
    • Cooking seems too long and I never have the time to.

Any ladies out there not girly at all?


5 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Am Not Ladylike

  1. My “girly” tendencies are leaving fast as I get older. I use to love shopping an makeup an fixing me hair. Also loved going out on the weekends. Now you’ll most likely catch me with my hair up. Baggy clothes, no makeup, on a Friday most likely on my PS4 or here. I’ll be amazed at how I am come 30


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