Things I Hate

List of things that get on my nerves. Enjoy!

  • Parents who say their child’s age in months and not years.
  • Pepperoni that’s not cooked on the pizza but simply thrown on after the fact.
  • The way my mother’s boyfriend parks his car.
  • People who inherit their beliefs from their parents.
  • When someone talks to loud.
  • The sound of bird’s chirping early in the morning.

  • When my gas tank is close to empty.
  • When the cashier at the deli swipes my credit card extremely fast 5-7 times like he’s trying to create a fire.
  • People who cannot think for themselves.
  • Dealing with an automated robot on the phone.
  • Raccoon’s that get into the garbage.
  • Constant whining.

  • People who say 6 am in the morning or 6 pm at night.
  • Creepy guys.
  • My mother complaining as soon as I wake up.
  • People who live in glass houses yet throw stones.
  • Carpooling out of laziness.
  • The lines at Disney world.

  • Calling me more than 3 times without leaving a message.
  • Season 8 of The Office & Charmed.
  • Family that won’t add me on social media, yet want me to watch their kids.
  • When people cover a song but change/censor the lyrics.
  • Sugarless coffee.
  • Poor grammar when texting.

  • When a person sends a 5 half sentence text messages instead of a full paragraph.
  • Someone coming into my room & not closing the door.
  • The saying, “The hot ones are always gay”
  • People who underestimate my road rage.
  • Coworkers who are in the bathroom just to use the phone.
  • The way my mothers boyfriend pronounces daughter, he says “Dotter”

  • Adults who give made up coupons as presents.
  • Talking before I had my breakfast.
  • Public pools.
  • The sound of children laughing.
  • Misleading movie titles.
  • Moochers.
  • Food with no flavor.
  • When the wifi isn’t working.
  • People who feel entitled to things.
  • People who wear sandals during the winter.
  • The way women going into labor is portrayed in television & movies.
  • People who grunt at the gym.
  • Ross from FRIENDS.
  • Misinformation.
  • Stalker girls.
  • Youtube ads.
  • Starbucks prices.
  • Posers who saw Straight Outta Compton that all of a sudden love N.W.A.
  • The way Hey Arnold! ended.
  • High School P.E teachers.
  • Pandora’s skip limit.
  • People who get offended by my remarks, after I advise them that my sarcasm isn’t for everyone.
  • Prequels to movies that make no sense.
  • That one family member who doesn’t work but wants a handout.
  • People who don’t work because they have rich parents & they don’t understand that you can’t go to the beach at 11 AM on a Tuesday.
  • Mainstream music.
  • Parties that get shut down.
  • Having a negative coworker.
  • Netflix not having South Park & all of LAW and Order SVU’s episode’s
  • No Apple pies at McDonalds.

What grinds your gears? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Things I Hate

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